Who We Are ?

We are people who like to go outsideplain and simple.
This is about the right equipment and connecting people to their passions.

In the end ,our goal is making your next trip
like you always dreamed it would be.
We are willing to give you all of our expertise
for the perfect hiking experience.

“As soon as i saw you i knew an adventure was going to happen”

– winnie the pooh.


Nitai Kfir

Nitai Kfir Fyler – C.E.O & Co founder

Gal ziv

Gal Ziv – C.E.O & Co founder

Our Story

Few months ago we were released from the IDF (Israel Defense Force) after 3 years of service.

Our dream was to create something unique of our own that reflects to our passions of hiking and traveling.

 So, here we are , always dreamed big and now it is happening.
Our goal is to transfer our passions to you through this site.
Every type of gear you see in this online store
chosen carefully by us to make your trip more comfortable and fun.

You are more than welcome to write and ask us questions about everything that comes to your mind. For more information click here.

man hiking

Keep Calm and Carry on

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24/7 availability for anything


Perfects gifts & coupons are
waiting just for you


We both grew up in the big city. Tel-Aviv.  A 24/7 city that never stop .
We met at high-school at junior year . One time we seated together at class
and started talking about future . It was a very interesting lesson…
And so it continued. We have become very good friends with aspirations to succeed.
As you read above, we were recently discharged from the army.
During the preparations in our school for induction the army,
we realized how good equipment can make things easier for you.
So, after a lot of planning and hard work
we are proud to present you our first woo-commerce
business for hiking and camping equipment as we always dreamed.

“I don’t believe you truly know yourself,
until you spend time in the great outdoors.”

“When everything feels like an uphill struggle,
just think of the view from the top.” 

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