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Just GO !

Some motivation for you and your hiking affiliates.
A lot of people missing opportunities to explore and travel just because they dont do the first step .
Here is a little boost for you..

written by: Gal Ziv. – 03/31/19.

Children sitting in row and reading books at the park

The 10 Essentials

The major saviors when you are planning to leave for a
hike or a routine trip are the essentials that you carry.
You might not realize but carrying a few of these tools can
save you from unnecessary exertion and trouble if something goes awry during the journey.

written by: Gal Ziv. – 03/31/19.

along the ride thoughts

Backpacking for beginners

Ever thought of embarking on that dream adventure
or traveling to that magical land?
And you wonder how to get the necessary gears and equipment for the experience?
Look no further; we are here for you!

written by: Gal Ziv. – 03/31/19.