The 21 century is the technology. We are living in a world that everybody got a smartphone (even two) what makes us staying connected every minute to any kind of news (social, news and flashes).
The whole world became a rat-race without winners in it because it is not willing to stop.
Don’t get me wrong, thanks to this technology development we are living in an easier and faster world thet everything we need can get to us .
But, and that’s a big one ….
Don’t you need a little break from all of this material world ?
Hold on, before you start re searching for flights and hotels, look around you, I bet you, that no matter where you are right now, for an hour’s drive away you will find spectacular places to overnight and even 2 or more.
It doesn’t need to be a special and long hiking, it could be just camping somewhere . And, There are some advantages;
  •  The costs are very low
  • You can bring anything you want (most of the time), including friends ?
Most of the gear you need you already have in your house.
  • This is a trip that can be spontaneous in a moment’s decision .
And finally I assure, that you will feel relaxed and calm after the trip.
So, pick up a destiny, most of the hiking areas are already been used so it easier to find a good hiking road for you and your family(or friends) according to the level of difficulty you are aiming at.
If inspiration is your problem, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and National Geographic have all published their own lists of the best places to travel to in 2018/19, so the only thing you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over.
As Cameron Diaz once said in “The Holiday”, “I just need some peace and quiet…or whatever it is that people go away for.” Whether it’s peace and quiet, or an electrifying music festival, sometimes you just have to get away and chill under the sun .
Vacations come in all shapes and sizes, started from the four walls of your bedroom to the top ridges of a mountain. There is a reason why winter break has the word “break” in it and summer vacation has the word “vacation” in it. In one way, shape or form, we’re taking a break from something, vacating from something. You don’t always need a reason to go on a vacation, however, wanting to is simply enough.

Need some more  reasons to just go ?
  • Work is work, especially summer work. Even if you love what you do and don’t consider it work, it’s still sometimes work. Being a server during the summer is work. It hurts your feet.
  • Phones are wonderful. We text with them, Facebook with them, Snap-chat with them, tweet with them, and even write notes with them. But there comes a time when there isn’t any cellular service and we’re stuck without that little guy. Instead of fretting, enjoy the freedom that comes with not always being plugged in.
  • What is fun? Fun is anything you want it to be. Think of your idea of fun and go crazy with it because you don’t have anything other to do than take a break and let loose in whichever form you feel is appropriate.

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